2020-21 school year tuition

5-day program:  monday through friday

                          $2370 per month

3-day program:  mondays, tuesdays, & wednesdays 

                          $1514 per month

2-day program:  thursdays & fridays

                          $1045 per month

extended hours: $15/hr (pre-paid, scheduled by 1st of the month)

                          $17/hr (ad-hoc, scheduled by 4pm of the day prior)

                          $20/hr (last minute, scheduled by noon same day)

tuition deposit: 

      upon registration:   $1045 (2 days per week)

                                      $1514 (3 days per week)

                                      $2370 (5 days per week)

program fees: 

       application fee:  $55

       registration fee: $150

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