At Little Nest, we aim to provide a stimulating and nurturing learning environment for our students. We encourage each child's individual exploration of the world around them, as we provide activities aimed at inspiring wonder and imaginative play. Each day is filled with opportunities for discovery, creativity, and joy.

low student-teacher ratio: 

Our student-teacher ratio is 4:1. This allows each of our students to receive a higher degree of individualized attention.

flexible extended hours of care:

Our extended hours program is available from 8am to 5pm each day. Families may tailor their child's schedule to fit their daily needs for hours of care. Extended care is also available for last minute plans.  

active environmental awareness: 

At Little Nest, we converse energy by efficiently using, reusing, and recycling our resources. Whenever possible, we choose to purchase products that have environmentally sound means of production, are made from sustainable materials, and are biodegradable. 

natural imagination-based toys: 

In keeping with our environmental philosophy, we have outfitted our school with toys made from wood or other natural materials. Toys made from natural materials such as wood, silk, or wool have a warm and honest quality that does not give a false impression of weight, mass, or touch. Toys without flashing lights and loud music are also generally more conducive to imaginative play, which is an extremely important part of early development. 

creative play-based curriculum: 

Our philosophy of early education includes a belief that a substantial amount of time should be allocated each day for the children to enjoy free play with imagination-based toys. Our teachers often aid in the creative play by inspiring a theme for imagination-based social interaction and role-play (such as setting up a pretend ice cream shop or taking the children on an imaginary picnic at the beach). We believe this type of play is important for the social and cognitive development of our students.

artistic exploration: 

Our teachers guide our students in artistic projects several times each week. These activities include exploration with art materials, such as paint, drawing materials, modeling clay or dough. Often, our art projects help to expand on our curriculum. The children are guided through all kinds of artistic processes, such as color mixing, paper mâché, book-making, jewelry making, stamping, and mosaic collage. Art activities contribute to the children's development by building fine motor skills, promoting creative expression, and increasing their sensory perception. 

yoga + movement/dance: 

Each morning our teachers lead the students in a yoga routine that is playful and creative. The routine is designed to energize our students through yoga poses and calm them through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Throughout the week, teachers also lead students in movement and dance sessions. These activities support physical self-confidence and body-awareness. They also provide an outlet for social interaction and self-expression. 

music and singing: 

Our morning circle time is a time for singing and playing instruments as a group. We incorporate music into our programs in many ways throughout the day. We sing songs during transitions and we often make up songs spontaneously and encourage the children to join in. Music activities contribute to the children's development of motor skills, creative expression, and sensory perception.

outdoor play and gardening: 

Little Nest has a private backyard at each of our locations with an expansive green space and garden. Students are encouraged to participate in cultivating flowers, plants, and vegetables. Each child will have the opportunity to plant seeds and to participate in the upkeep of the garden. We believe that children need regular access to fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of space to be outdoors. Gardening and exploration of a natural environment contribute to a child's early scientific understanding of the world around them. Outdoor play is imperative for the healthy development of large motor skills such as jumping and balancing. 

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